Neo-Nazi leader Sean Kauffmann, who has protested against LGBTQ+ “groomers” at drag shows, was recently jailed for allegedly assaulting his infant son and the mother of his child. Kauffmann, who leads the neo-Nazi Tennessee Active Club, allegedly assaulted his female partner “by punching her numerous times in the face and head, while she was holding their infant son,” the Perry County Sheriff’s Office wrote in its March 22 arrest report. The alleged attack left the unnamed partner with “bruising above both her eyes and swelling on her left jaw, and around both her eyes,” “bleeding from the mouth and ears,” and “a broken tooth, which was about to fall out.” The woman claimed that Kauffmann threatened to kill her even though she was several weeks pregnant. During the alleged assault, Kauffmann reportedly grabbed his infant son’s clothing to rip the child from his mother’s arms. However, his actions allegedly bruised his son’s head and left a red mark on his arm, Raw Story reported. Kauffman was booked in the Perry County Jail until March 26 and released on a $25,000 bond. He has been charged with child abuse and domestic violence and could be sentenced to up to eight years in prison if found guilty. He was convicted of two counts of domestic assault against a woman in 2021. Kauffmann is a man of Jewish descent on his mother’s side and is also a Holocaust denier who idolizes Adolf Hitler, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. His group, the Tennessee Active Club, chants racist and antisemitic slogans at its protests; considers Jewish and Black people, LGBTQ+ communities, and migrants as its enemies; and had a social media chat group that praised racially motivated mass murderers and posted photos of Black men being lynched.

via lgbtqnation: Neo-Nazi who protested drag queens & “grooming” arrested for hitting his partner & infant son