Colonel Arman Ospanov is the latest senior Russian military figure to have been killed in the Ukraine war. A RUSSIAN colonel has been killed after he reportedly “stepped on a mine” while visiting troops in Ukraine in order to boost morale. The death is the latest humiliation for Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin having seen a number of his top officers killed in the Ukraine war. Arman Ospanov, who was the head of the armoured service of the Russian Airborne Forces, had gone to the occupied territories in Ukraine to raise morale. However, having arrived he then stepped on a mine and was killed, according to Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s internal affairs minister, citing Russian Telegram channels. (…) It said Ospanov had been visiting the 104 Guards Air Assault Division near Kozachi Laheri in Kherson Oblast on January 6.

via sun SLAIN COLONEL Russian colonel killed after ‘stepping on mine’ while visiting Ukraine to ‘boost morale’ in latest humiliation for Putin

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