The Pink Floyd co-founder has faced criticism for using Nazi-esque imagery in his recent live shows. Roger Waters was forced to remove some controversial Nazi-inspired imagery from his live shows in Argentina this week following a legal threat from several Jewish groups. An Argentine court ordered the Pink Floyd co-founder to refrain from making anti-Semitic remarks or discriminatory acts during the concerts after the Delegation of Israeli-Argentine Associations (DAIA) called for the shows to be canceled, the Buenos Aires Herald reports. Dr. Ariel Gelbung, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) Latin America, told the Jerusalem Post, “A legal firm denounced, together with an affidavit subscribed by myself, that if he did the same show he had been doing on tour, where he dressed as a Nazi, used the Star of David on the flying pig and compared Shireen Abu Akleh to Anne Frank, that it would be considered a crime.” A court in Chile ruled that Waters’ upcoming concerts in Chile this weekend can proceed, despite similar attempts by the Representative Committee of Jewish Entities in Chile to block the performances due to his alleged “history of incitement to anti-Semitic hatred,” NME reports.

via themessenger: Roger Waters Drops Nazi-Esque Imagery From Argentina Shows After Legal Threat