The FBI believes a man who opened fire in a Walmart store in Ohio was motivated by racist extremism. The gunman, identified as Benjamin Charles Jones, shot and wounded two Black women, a white woman and a white man before fatally shooting himself at the Beavercreek store, reported WXIX-TV. “Based on evidence collected, including journal writings from the attacker, Benjamin Charles Jones, the attack may have been at least partially inspired by Racially Motivated Violent Extremist (RMVE) ideology,” investigators said. The 20-year-old purchased the Hi-Point .45 caliber carbine used in the shootings just two days before from a store in nearby Dayton, and agents are investigating whether he provided inaccurate statements on the ATF Form 4473 needed for the purchase.

via tawstory: Nazi-loving Ohio gunman motivated to shoot by racist hate: report