A 15-year-old Israeli talks with a terrorist to try to convince him to let her go. She does not succeed. With the passage of time, increasingly horrifying evidence continues to surface from the investigations into the Hamas terrorists responsible for the massacre in southern Israel on October 7. One such revelation is a bone-chilling phone call between the police and a victim of the massacre. This conversation unfolded between the 100 emergency call center and a 15-year-old girl from a nearby community who encountered a terrorist and made a desperate call for help. During the call, the girl pleaded with the terrorist not to harm her, uttering the heartbreaking words: “I have school tomorrow, leave me alone.” At a certain point, the terrorist took the phone and engaged with the police operator, presumably in Arabic. Despite the operator’s efforts to dissuade him from his heinous actions, the tragic outcome was inevitable: The girl fell victim to the terrorist. Another harrowing account Another harrowing account from the scene of the massacre comes from a woman who managed to hide in the vicinity but witnessed the brutal acts committed by Hamas terrorists against a young woman they had captured. According to her testimony, the terrorists subjected the woman to multiple rapes before one of them fatally shot her in the head. The witness also described seeing the terrorists parading severed Israeli heads, holding them as if they were mere bags, as a gruesome display of power.

via jpost: ‘I have school tomorrow’: Chilling conversation between girl, terrorist