The sun rose on October 7, 2023, like any other day, but by sunset, the history of the Jewish people had changed. An unprecedented assault by Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip led to the incomprehensible massacre of over 1,400 innocent people and the abduction of over 240 hostages. This inhumane act of mass terror left a scar on the collective conscience of Jews and other free, civilized people worldwide. Hamas terrorists not only killed, tortured, raped, and kidnapped, but they also took pride in their acts, took their time, documented and uploaded their heinous acts to the web in order to flaunt them, glorify themselves, incite others, and terrorize the rest of the free world. The first response of many was utter shock and horror – condemnation came from virtually every democratic leader across the globe. Even those who are not considered supporters of Israel or frequently criticize it, called for the support of Israel in its hour of need and its declared purpose to put an end to Hamas’ reign of terror. Fighting the denial of the Hamas Massacre. (Credit: Screenshot froom Screenshots from and website) Hamas, which undoubtedly didn’t foresee this unprecedented reaction toward its actions and the support for its termination, began to change course. Its terrorists then began what seemed at first a futile effort to take down the videos and images its own people uploaded to the web and changed their tune. Their official claim will then be that they’ve never targeted civilians, that the massacre never happened, and that Israel manufactured much of the civilian casualties, the images, and the narrative. We, the Jewish people, have grown accustomed to Hamas’ lies and masterful ways of manipulation.  However, despite the magnitude of the event and the evidence demonstrating it, we rightly predicted that the antisemites around the globe would begin to deny the unprecedented evil that occurred. For that, we have started the painful process of securing the evidence, proving without a doubt the horrors of that fateful day, ensuring they live on in infamy.  Israeli citizens took on this task of countering the so-called “Hamassacre Denial” by creating multiple online resources to show the world what really happened on October 7. Websites like are putting on view the raw videos and photos from the day of the massacre showing Hamas war crimes and crimes against humanity. And, which pinpoints the execution location of each elderly person, child, woman, and man killed during Hamas’ massacre in Southern Israel. was created to share survivor testimonies, giving first-hand accounts of people who witnessed the horrors and war crimes committed by Hamas terrorists.

via jpost: Hamas massacre denial is here and we must fight it – opinion