The National Police of Spain (Policia Nacional), in collaboration with the regional Catalonia police (Mossos d’Esquadra), has dismantled the Combat 18 Neo-Nazi organization, operating in the autonomous community of Catalonia and several other Spanish cities. Both security agencies stated that the radical organization posed a threat to national and religious minorities, including Jewish and Muslim communities. Investigators expressed concerns that, given the heightened tensions in Palestinian-Israeli relations, Combat 18 members might carry out attacks on these communities in Spain, targeting sacred buildings such as synagogues and mosques. By Saturday afternoon, Spanish authorities had arrested a total of 16 members of the group, recognized by the Canadian government as a terrorist organization. Arrests and searches took place in Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Malaga, and Lugo. Overall, law enforcement seized hundreds of types of weapons, including firearms, knives, batons, explosives, and propaganda materials.

via tvpworld: Spanish police dismantles Neo-Nazi organization