Exactly one week after the murder of three Black people in Jacksonville, two neo-Nazi rallies took place in Orlando. Exactly one week after the August 26 racist murder of three black people in Jacksonville, Florida, two neo-Nazi rallies were held about 140 miles south in Orlando, where masked and uniformed men shouted racist and antisemitic slogans. These events are signs of a new wave of neo-Nazis who are more eager for street violence than their predecessors in recent years. The smaller of the two rallies was held at Disney World and organized by the Order of the Black Sun, a local neo-Nazi group. It drew about a dozen people who displayed slur-emblazoned banners and signs. According to Diego, an activist with the anti-fascist group Miami Against Fascism who asked to be identified only by first name for safety reasons, similar Disney World rallies occur nearly every month. Of far greater importance was a larger rally in Altamonte Springs, a suburb of Orlando, advertised as “The March of the Red Shirts,” which at least 50 people attended. The main groups leading the rally were Blood Tribe and Goyim Defense League, joined by smaller organizations including Vinland Rebels Fascist Action. Other than the leaders, all attendees dressed in red shirts and black masks as they rallied under a large swastika flag. It has been many years since a rally this large, using explicit Nazi imagery, has happened in the United States.

via truthout: A New Wave of Neo-Nazism Has Become Visible in Wake of Jacksonville Shooting