Ilias Kasidiaris, a Holocaust denier with a swastika tattoo, is conducting radio interviews from jail. Ilias Kasidiaris has been in a Greek prison since 2021 for his involvement with the far-right Golden Dawn party. The group disbanded after several members were convicted of running a criminal organization linked to hate crimes. But that hasn’t stopped Kasidiaris, who has a swastika tattoo, from running to be mayor of Athens. On Monday, the center-left PASOK alliance of parties submitted a proposal that would bar convicted criminals such as Kasidiaris from running in elections. According to Greek news site eKathimerini, it is unclear if the ruling government will accept the proposal. According to reports, Kasidiaris has remained a popular figure with his followers behind bars, regularly using a cellphone and posting to social media. “He’s even been given the opportunity to conduct radio shows from his cell and has been very effective in using social media to rally support among the young,” the head of a group that studies far-right movements told the Guardian in April. After Kasidiaris’ post-Golden Dawn party was banned, he founded a new party called the National Party-Greeks. But parliament banned that party from participating in June’s elections over concerns that Kasidiaris and other Golden Dawn alumni could re-enter the lawmaking body.

via timesofisrael: Prominent Greek Neo-Nazi running for mayor of Athens from his prison cell