Photos of co-founder Mohammed Wadaa’s room at Camp Pendleton show it is adorned with a poster of Adolf Hitler. At least four current and former American soldiers are members of a California-based neo-Nazi club that trains its members in combat sports, The Guardian reported. With roughly a dozen members, including a former U.S. Marine Corps staff sergeant who was kicked out for stealing large amounts of ammunition, the Clockwork Crew was founded in Southern California in 2021. The group’s co-founder, Lance Corporal machine gunner Mohammed Wadaa, is currently in detention. The Marines confirmed that Wadaa was sentenced to 11 months for spreading hate-based beliefs and having extremist tattoos. He will be given a bad conduct discharge upon his release. Photos of his room at Camp Pendleton show it is adorned with a poster of Adolf Hitler. The 25-year-old has said his Bosnian and Croatian ancestors fought back anti-fascist groups alongside the Nazis. Before creating the Clockwork Crew, he and co-founder Nicholas Daniel Larger were members of a neo-Nazi cult called the Church of Aryanity, according to the Guardian. They later recruited Gunnar Naughton, who served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps’ 1st Reconnaissance battalion before he and five co-conspirators were caught stealing more than 10,000 rounds and grenades from a weapons depot in 2021.

the messenger news: Neo-Nazi Fight Club Includes Active Members of US Military: Report

siehe auch: Revealed: neo-Nazi active club counts several of US military as members Clockwork Crew, formerly known as Crew 562, was founded in 2021 and has roughly a dozen members, researchers say. A neo-Nazi “active club” counts several current and former members of the United States military as its members, the Guardian has learned, including a lance corporal machine gunner currently in detention on insubordination charges and a former US Marine Corps staff sergeant who was booted from the service for stealing large quantities of ammunition. Lance corporal machine gunner Mohammed Wadaa and former Marine Corps staff sergeant Gunnar Naughton are part of the Clockwork Crew, California’s first ‘active club,’ according to the group’s own internal research records and social media posts, as well as law enforcement sources. (…) The Clockwork Crew, formerly known as Crew 562 (the area code for Long Beach, California), was founded in 2021 and counts roughly a dozen members, researchers say. The group has considerable overlap with other California active clubs, as well as with the Golden State Skinheads, a more ‘traditional’ skinhead gang of whom some members stabbed several anti-fascist protesters at a chaotic 2016 clash outside the state capitol in Sacramento. Clockwork Crew’s reach also briefly extended to eastern Europe: Juraj Mesić, a Croatian neo-Nazi, headed an eight-person chapter in that country before being arrested in March for racist abuse of an immigrant worker, according to news reports and internal chats.