‘It is our duty to remember’ says head of state. President Sergio Mattarella on Saturday marked the 79th anniversary of the World War II Nazi massacre in the Tuscan village of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, when 560 unarmed people including 130 children were murdered.     In a message Mattarella said Sant’Anna di Stazzema is one of the “symbolic places of the tragedy of the Second World War” that has become an “emblem of civil redemption, of rebellion against the most ferocious and inhuman violence, of solidarity, of moral and social reconstruction”.     “It is a duty for our community to remember what happened seventy-nine years ago in Sant’Anna and the other hamlets of Stazzema, when Nazi SS soldiers, supported by local fascists, carried out one of the most heinous massacres of the conflict,” said the president.     “It was a massacre of innocent lives. Women, old people, children – well over five hundred – were mercilessly killed. So many bodies were burnt and rendered unrecognisable,” he added.

via ansa: Mattarella marks anniversary of Stazzema Nazi massacre

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