A prominent neo-Nazi who last year moved to Penobscot County with hopes of building a white ethno-state has been banned from Planet Fitness in Bangor. Christopher Pohlhaus, the leader of the neo-Nazi group “Blood Tribe” who has been spotted waving a swastika flag and wearing a swastika necklace at LGBTQ+ events, was banned from Planet Fitness’ Bangor location due to his clothing, a company representative confirmed Friday. “At Planet Fitness, we strive to maintain a welcoming, judgement [sic] free environment for our members, guests, and employees,” Heather Pearson, public relations manager for Planet Fitness, said. “Clothing with hateful, lewd or offensive messages is not permitted.” Pearson did not specify what clothing triggered Pohlhaus’ ban from the national fitness chain, which was first reported by Crash Barry. Pohlhaus is a former U.S. Marine turned tattoo artist who grew an online following through his podcast and selling white supremacist propaganda, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

via bangordailynews: Neo-Nazi leader banned from Bangor’s Planet Fitness by Lindsay Putnam