AN ex-security guard has been jailed on a terrorism charge after he shared a guide on how to make a 3D-printed machine gun on a Neo-Nazi group chat. James Farrell joined an online chat group with Neo-Nazi extremists on March 11 2021. 4 James Farrell joined an online chat group with Neo-Nazi extremistsCredit: Spindrift 4 He was caught after an undercover cop infiltrated the groupCredit: Getty 4 He pled guilty to terrorism charges at the High Court in GlasgowCredit: PA:Press Association Within thirteen minutes of joining the Oaken Hearth Chat group, Farrell, 32, shared photos of extreme right-wing books. A week after joining, Farrell, of Priesthill in Glasgow, shared a 75-second video on how to 3D-print an automatic weapon – complete with a list of tools needed, the materials required as well as tips on how to fit each part. The court heard from firearms experts how the Mac-11 machine pistol could be capable of firing live bullets if properly assembled using the correct pieces. Farrell came onto cops’ radar when an undercover anti-terror cop in England managed to infiltrate the group – which used the Telegram messaging app. (…) Officers sifted through the messages on the chat and found members discussing terrorist acts – including the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques in 2019. Farrell also declared support for white supremacist Brenton Tarrant – who killed 51 people in the Christchurch shootings. He voiced praise for other violent extremists, including Anders Breivik – whose 2012 gun rampage in Norway left 77 people dead – and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. They also found members of the group posting support for Adolf Hitler and sharing anti-Semitic materials.

via thescottishsun: TERROR CHAT Scots security guard unmasked by undercover cop after sharing guide on constructing 3D-printed gun with Neo-Nazis

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