Alex Davies found guilty of being a member of banned National Action group, which aimed to inspire race war. The founder of a violent neo-Nazi group created with the aim of inspiring a race war in the UK has been jailed for eight and a half years. Alex Davies, described in court as the “biggest Nazi of the lot”, was found guilty of being a member of National Action (NA) after it was proscribed by the UK government. Davies, 27, from Swansea, set up the “continuity group” NS131 with the aim of getting around the ban, brought in after NA posted “congratulatory” tweets after the murder of the MP Jo Cox. (…) Members of NA armed themselves with machetes, swords, firearms and crossbows as they plotted “white jihad” across the UK. One man associated with the group was jailed for planning to kill an MP, and another was in close contact with a man imprisoned for a racist machete attack.

via guardian: Founder of violent UK neo-Nazi group jailed for more than eight years