Sen. Lindsey Graham’s admission on Fox News that he owns an AR-15 to fight off hoards of “gangs” coming to his house after a natural disaster was greeted with rolled eyes and massive mockery on Sunday morning — with one critic dismissing his boast by writing, “Only gang he will see are selling cookies.” Speaking with Chris Wallace, the South Carolina Republican stated, I own an AR-15. If there’s a natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be the last ones that the gangs will come to because I can defend myself.” Tired of ads? Want to support our progressive journalism? Click to learn more. And with that, the ridicule of Graham began — as you can see below:

via rawstory: Lindsey Graham buried in mockery for boast about owning an AR-15 to battle ‘gangs’

Colt AR-15 Sporter Lightweight rifle - upper handle (8378298701).jpg
By <a rel=”nofollow” class=”external text” href=”″>Steve Rainwater</a> from Irving, US – <a rel=”nofollow” class=”external text” href=””>img_5572</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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