Greek police say they have arrested a Golden Dawn member over an assault against five people at an anarchist hangout in Piraeus almost three years ago. The 34-year-old man, identified only by his initials, S.D. was arrested at the seaside resort of Porto Rafti, southeast of Athens, Thursday night. The “Ethnos” website reported he used to be a driver for jailed Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaliolakos. Police said S.D., along with his accomplices, was wanted for multiple counts of attempted murder, as well as arson. He will appear before an examining magistrate, most likely Friday.On February 25, 2018, S.D., along with seven to nine others, had entered the anarchist so-called self-managed space “Favela” in Piraeus and had injured five persons, three men and two women, who were at the premises. One of the women, who was hit in the head with a sledgehammer and required stitches, was a lawyer representing the family of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, who was murdered by a Golden Dawn member in 2013.

via ekathimineri: Golden Dawn member, wanted for attempted murder, arson, is arrested