Neo-Nazis feel inspired by last week’s Trump-incited riot at the United States Capitol building and they’re looking to recruit members of the military to help them assassinate elected officials, according to a new report. Vice News reports that messages sent over top neo-Nazi Telegram channels show white nationalists urging current members of the military to join them in operations that include murdering politicians at their homes. “Strike the iron while it’s hot,” one Telegram post read. “The rats have addresses… You know of some in your area. Do your bit. It will snowball.”
Tired of ads? Want to support our progressive journalism? Click to learn more. Another message encouraged Nazis to target state capitols for acts of violence. (…) “The calls for service members to join the ranks of far-right terrorists come after several current and former servicemen were identified as participants in the violent invasion of Congress last week that killed five people, including a police officer who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher,” notes Vice News.

via rawstory: Neo-Nazis trying to recruit military servicemembers to assassinate elected officials: report

siehe auch: Neo-Nazis Ask Military to Join Their Cause, Call For Assassinations. The military is already investigating the role service members played in the Capitol insurrection. Now, neo-Nazis are trying to recruit them. While watching news of the violent insurrection on TV last week, retired General Vincent K. Brooks, a four-star general and former head of U.S. forces in Korea, was struck by the apparent number of veterans he witnessed storm the Capitol in real time. “All of those things were evident in that crowd,” he told VICE News, noting the military badges and symbols he saw attached to the jackets, shirts and hats of the Trump supporters, especially when coupled with military grade tactical equipment. “It was disconcerting.” “So many of these people that we saw were apparently former military who have taken a very extreme view of the security of the United States and the political dynamics that are impacting it,” he said. “Far too many of them were veterans. And that was so disappointing.” As the FBI warns of armed groups threatening state capitals across the country and the National Guard is deploying to Washington D.C. in preparation for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, accelerationist neo-Nazis who supported last week’s President Donald Trump-incited insurrection are calling for targeted killings and advocating for members of the military—charged with protecting one of the most fundamental events in American democracy—to turn to their side. Posts circulating on Telegram, the online ecosystem of choice among militant neo-Nazis, urge followers to locate the addresses of politicians in Congress and assassinate them.

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