Morris Gulett, right, current leader of a Louisiana chapter of the Aryan Nations, speaking to the organization’s founder, Richard Butler, center, and Ray Redfeairn, Butler’s successor, left, at a meeting after a protest in front of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama January 25, 2003. Morris Gulett, leader of a Louisiana chapter of the neo-Nazi group the Aryan Nations, has donated at least $2,000 to Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign — and the campaign has not returned any of the money. Gulett made 29 separate donations from 2017 through May 2020, according to recent election filings reviewed by Popular Information. He and his organization are white supremacists; he calls for genocide of all Black people, and ends his sermons with Nazi salutes. In July 2018, the Forward reported Gulett’s initial donations, as well as donations to the Trump campaign by James Allsup, a far right commentator described as a white supremacist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Forward sought comment from the Trump campaign about the donations, but did not receive a response. In October 2018, the Forward reported further donations to Trump from Gulett. “No political party should accept political donations from extremists, hate groups, and those who advocate anti-democratic principles, period,” ADL spokesman Todd Gutnick said in a statement at the time.

via forward: Trump campaign has accepted at least $2,000 from leader of neo-Nazi group ‘Aryan Nations’