So, I have this acquaintance in Berlin. He’s part of this great big Berliner woo-woo community that I used to dip in and out of. They’re into cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance retreats and conscious-communication weekends with home-made vegan treats made by a girl named Shakti. (Well. Their real name is usually Anja but they go by Shakti now.) So today I saw on his FB page. “ICH BIN KEIN NAZI nur weil ich mit Nazis gegen Coronavirus massnahmen demonstrieren.” Translated: “I am not a Nazi just because I march with Nazis against Corona restrictions.” Annnnnnnnd here’s the thing, You are exactly a Nazi if you march with Nazis. Let me repeat that. You: Yes, you, in your stupid hippie pants from the India import shop, you with your dreadlocks and patchouli perfume, you with your OM Sanskrit tattoo: YOU are a Nazi if you march side by side with Nazis. I don’t care how many Himalyan crystal salt lamps you have. I don’t care about your Ashtanga workshops. If you march side by side with Nazis, your white-boy dreadlocks are not going to protect you from being called what you are. Which, again, is a Nazi. You are exactly those Germans from the 1930 who said “But I have nothing against the Jews! I vote for the Nazi’s because I want the trains to run on time and the economy to be strong.” What do we call those people today? They are called Nazis.

via jewishjournal: If You March With Nazis, Guess What, You’re a Nazi