Edmonton police say a student was behind a racist Instagram account which targeted multiple cultural groups and published the home address of a peer. The account “Nazis Clan,” under the user handle “nazisofyeg,” surfaced at the beginning of June. Its bio read “Nazi Page of Edmonton,” “White people are Superior,” and “We murder gays… Black/Arabs/Jew… Asians/Indians… Native/Latians.” Police say the peer’s family was harassed by members of the public who believed they had created the account. When a constable who works in schools as a resource officer heard concerns from staff the account was created by one of their own students, she joined the investigation. The account was traced back to one student. They were not charged, but “given an opportunity to make amends and avoid early and unnecessary involvement in the criminal justice system,” police said.

via ctvnews: Racist ‘Nazis of YEG’ Instagram account was created by Edmonton student: police