White nationalist leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau, 21, was arrested along with two other men on Saturday in Weatherford, Texas. Thomas Ryan Rousseau, the founder and leader of the white nationalist group Patriot Front, was arrested along with two other men on Saturday in Weatherford, Texas, The Informant has confirmed. Deputies with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office arrested the three on minor charges. Each was accused of criminal mischief, a misdemeanor, for allegedly putting up stickers on county property. One of the arrest reports described the stickers as displaying the words “Reject Poison” along with “images of various drugs.” Patriot Front has been known to use similar stickers in acts of vandalism across the nation. Rousseau, 21, is a rising, though rarely seen, figure in the white nationalist movement. He founded Patriot Front a little more than two years ago while he was still a teenager, and it has since grown to having a few hundred members nationwide. The group hopes one day to carve out an all-white nation from what it describes as the “bleeding carcass” of the United States. Deeply racist and antisemitic, it preaches that only those whose ancestors come from the “European diaspora” should legally be defined as American. As its name implies, Patriot Front cloaks itself in red-white-and-blue patriotism in an effort to soften its toxic racism. But the group’s own manifesto and the statements of Rousseau put it squarely in line with other white nationalist groups in the U.S.

via informant: Patriot Front founder arrested