The F-35, the next-generation fighter plane that the U.S. government is planning on dropping $1.5 trillion on at the same time it’s planning on slashing health care and kicking the disabled off Social Security, still sucks shit and can’t even shoot straight, according to a report in Bloomberg. Bloomberg says that a recent report by the Pentagon’s test office found numerous cringe-inducing problems with the F-35, including 873 major “software deficiencies” that are being fixed only slightly faster than new bugs appear, undisclosed cybersecurity “vulnerabilities” that have yet to be resolved, and “unacceptable” accuracy in the 25mm rotary cannon on the Air Force version, which just so happens to also be mounted in housing that cracks. Air Force and Navy versions of the aircraft also continue to have cracks in structural components, which could be reasonably interpreted as a bad thing to have in a fighter jet. In other words, it can’t shoot for shit, it’s possible someone can hack it, and it’s falling apart. Note that this list doesn’t include further issues being identified in current combat tests involving 64 exercises replicating performance against “the most challenging Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian air defenses,” according to Bloomberg. The news agency added that hundreds of the craft have been delivered and will “require extensive retrofitting.”

via gizmodo: Report: Suckplane Still Sucks, Can’t Even Shoot Straight

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