Members of the far-right organisation Britain First have stormed a Muslim council meeting, disrupting its proceedings. According to local reports, members of the group including leader Paul Golding burst into the Islamic Sharia Council in Leyton on Monday, claiming it was promoting a “barbaric, medieval system of law”. Golding’s aggression forced council members to call the police. The Islamic Sharia Council, based in London, is a centre that provides counsel on faith and culture matters that are not covered by English courts. While they are important to those in the faith, they do not create a “parallel legal system,” as Golding claimed. Khola Hasan, a scholar at the council, said: “We are not a court. He [Paul Golding] makes a point of saying that we call ourselves a council as if we are trying to hide the fact we’re a court. We never have been, we have always been a council.” She added that the centre helps with faith-based mediation issues, like whether to drink alcohol or not, and offers Islamic divorces – something unavailable in English courts.

via scramnews: Far-right thugs Britain First storm Muslim council meeting