Almost a quarter of the referrals made to the G overnment’s anti-extremism programme in 2018/19 for right-wing radicalisation came from the North East. The number of potential right-wing extremists in the North East is on the rise – and is the highest in the country. There were 308 people in the region referred to the Government’s anti-extremism Prevent programme in 2018/19 because of concerns over right-wing radicalisation, accounting for almost a quarter of all right-wing referrals in England and Wales. (…) Home Office figures show that the total number of Prevent referrals nationally dropped by 22% to 5,738 in 2018/19, while the North East’s fell from 1,223 to 972. But the largest proportion of those referrals for the North East, 320, were children aged under 15.

via chroniclelive: Right-wing extremism on the rise in the North East – with growing concern over radicalised children