Three men were charged with murder conspiracy and anti-government activity: Luke Austin Lane, 21; Jacob Kaderli, 19; and Michael John Helterbrand, 25. (Floyd County Police Department). Authorities in Georgia on Friday charged three alleged members of a violent white supremacist group known as “the Base” with plotting to murder anti-fascist activists — one day after the FBI said it arrested three other alleged members in Maryland and Delaware on federal charges. Police say the men wanted to kill a Georgia married couple who were “high-ranking” members of the far-left antifa movement in retaliation for exposing white supremacists online. The suspects recruited, strategized and practiced in paramilitary training camps as part of a group that seeks to overthrow the U.S. government, launch a “race war” and create a “white ethno-state,” authorities say. Luke Austin Lane, 21; Michael John Helterbrand, 25; and Jacob Kaderli, 19, were all charged with conspiracy to commit murder and being members of a criminal gang. Attorney information for the men was not immediately available in jail records. (…) Law enforcement officials have zeroed in on the Base, whose name is the English translation of “al-Qaeda,” ahead of an upcoming gun rights rally in Richmond. They fear armed extremists could unleash violence at the event, which is expected to draw thousands of militia members and gun advocates from around the country to protest a suite of gun-control measures being considered by the Virginia legislature. Authorities say they have tracked a flurry of threatening language in online message boards and social media accounts related to the rally. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has banned firearms on the state capitol grounds during the protests, saying there was “credible intelligence” of a potential violent disruption.

via washington post: Alleged members of white supremacy group ‘the Base’ charged with plotting to kill antifa couple

siehe auch: Analysts claim white supremacist group wants to see fall of the United States. ‘The Base’ is looking for a violent overthrow of the nation and a race war, according to experts. Three men arrested in Georgia this week who allegedly had plans to murder a Bartow County couple have been linked to a violent white supremacist group, according to documents unsealed by authorities on Friday. Three other men, including a former Canadian armed forces reservist, were arrested in Maryland on Thursday. According to the Justice Department, those men were tied to the same violent extremist group, which is called The Base. According to an affidavit unsealed by a judge in Floyd County, Ga., on Friday, the three men involved in the Georgia murder plot had detailed plans to kill a couple that they described as high-ranking members of an extreme left-leaning group — Atlanta Antifascists. The men arrested in Maryland were believed to heading to a pro-gun rally next week in Richmond, Va., according to federal authorities. The Base is described as a militant, terroristic network of neo-Nazis and white supremacists who have been establishing an underground network of loosely connected cells since being founded in late 2017 or early 2018. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, they value the philosophies of leaderless resistance, survivalism and preparedness, and “off-the-grid” living; and they hope to attract other white supremacists who are steeped in the skills and tactics of those philosophies; Neo-Nazis Allegedly Discussed Opening Fire at Virginia’s Pro-Gun Rally Slated for Monday. Three suspected white supremacists who were arrested Thursday in Maryland had discussed opening fire from the pro-gun rally that will take place in Virginia this coming Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Law enforcement officials on Friday said that the men had allegedly been planning to sow chaos and further their goal of “accelerat[ing] the downfall of the U.S. government” so that a white ethno-state can take its place. It was also reported Friday that an additional three men associated with the same violent neo-Nazi group had been arrested in Georgia on Wednesday. Those three men had allegedly been plotting to kill two people. (…) The Base is committed to promoting anarchy through violence with the goal of igniting a race war, according to Reuters. According to the Anti-Defamation League, its members are opposed to what they see as Jewish values that have infiltrated the “European race.” It hopes to ‘impose order from chaos,’ according to the Counter Extremism Project, and its members train as soldiers in camps around the country. The group began in 2018, and though its activity is largely online, its real-life actions have been on the rise; for instance, it has distributed manuals for terror attacks and bomb-making to its members. The Base is the English translation of al Qaeda, though it’s unclear if that connection was intentional. It’s not clear if the three men in Georgia had any plans related to Monday’s gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, but the three suspects in Maryland had obtained weapons and were planning on participating, the FBI said. The rally is expected to draw many white nationalist and other extremist groups, which have become more agitated after Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and temporarily banned weapons from the State Capitol grounds.