A far-right website that was banned by Facebook last year is set to launch a new platform, it has been revealed. Politicalite, a website that has produced content supporting Tommy Robinson, disappeared off the internet in November. Since then, the site has returned, only for its editor to announce that the publication would be shutting down. In a blog post, Jordan James said that the outlet would be closing, as “social media activism is no longer new, [and] alternative media is no longer fresh.”The blog post also denied the publication’s links to the far-right, despite also celebrating the fact that Politicalite has stuck up for Tommy Robinson.In May 2019, BuzzFeed reported that Politicalite had been banned from Facebook for violating the company’s hate speech policies.However, it doesn’t seem as though James is hanging up his boots completely. Late last week, he announced the creation of a new platform, LION News, that will launch on 13th January.

via scramnews: LION News: Far-right website banned by Facebook set to launch new platform