Man was rearrested after Nazi memorabilia and chemical explosives were found at Bedfordshire home. A suspected right-wing extremist has been rearrested after police seized chemical explosives, radioactive material and Nazi memorabilia from a family home in Caddington, Bedfordshire. The 31-year-old man was first arrested on suspicion of causing explosions likely to endanger life and of possession of class-A drugs by Bedfordshire police. The arrest happened after a raid on the house where the suspect lives with his parents on Monday, May 6. He was released on bail while police officers in hazmat suits continued to carry out searches of the property. As reported by The Sun, the immediate area was evacuated and a bomb disposal unit conducted a controlled explosion in a nearby field. On Monday, the investigation was passed to the Met’s counterterrorism command to lead. The suspect, who was described as a loner with Asperger’s syndrome, was rearrested on Tuesday May 14 “following the discovery of further suspicious substances”.

via times: Police seize radioactive material from suspected right-wing extremist

sieeh auch: Counter-terror police find radioactive material needed to make a dirty bomb in garden shed: ‘Far-right extremist’. A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of terror offences by police who allegedly seized ‘dirty bomb’ explosives and radioactive material from a garden shed as they swooped in. The unnamed man was cuffed by Bedfordshire Police cops on suspicion of causing explosions and possessing Class A drugs following searches at a property on Hyde Road, Caddington, Bedfordshire which they began searching on May 6. Reports suggest the suspect lives there with his parents and is described as a ‘loner with Asperger’s Syndrome’, a form of autism. He was bailed following his first arrest – but further searches discovered further ‘suspicious substances’.


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