Same-sex marriage was also effectively outlawed in 2020 by a constitutional amendment stipulating marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Russian officials said Friday they are seeking a ban on the “international LGBT public movement,” building on a crackdown against liberal-leaning groups that has intensified since Moscow deployed troops to Ukraine. Russia’s justice ministry said it had “lodged an administrative legal claim with the Supreme Court to recognise the International LGBT public movement as extremist and ban its activity in Russia.” The ministry did not specify whether it was seeking the closure of any specific groups or organisations, or if the designation would apply more broadly to the LGBTQ community, causes and individuals. The proposed ban is the latest in a long-standing crackdown against LGBTQ people in Russia, which has escalated since Russia launched its offensive on Ukraine last February. Russia has used the extremist label against swathes of rights organisations and opposition groups, opening up their members to criminal prosecution. The justice ministry accused the “LGBT movement operating on the territory of the Russian Federation” of “various signs and manifestations of extremism, including incitement to social and religious hatred”. It did not specify what exactly it meant by that movement, but said a court hearing was scheduled for November 30.

via kyivpost: Russia Moves to Ban ‘International LGBT Movement’ for ‘Extremism’