A US neo-Nazi who claims he made multiple trips to Ukraine to fight alongside military units can’t seem to keep a straight story. Online court filings place Kent McLellan, who goes by the alias Boneface, in Florida at the same time he claims he was fighting in last year’s bloody siege of Mariupol. Additional records show McLellan was legally mandated to remain in Florida in 2014 and 2015, the two other times he says he visited Ukraine to fight alongside Right Sector and the Azov Regiment. The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed to Bellingcat that he was monitored during this time and never granted permission to travel abroad. While McLellan could have violated the terms of his parole to leave the US, this appears unlikely as digital evidence of McLellan’s life, from Facebook posts to neo-Nazi forum messages to prison records, shows consistent residence in Florida from 2014 to the present day.  McLellan—who came to wider media attention earlier this month when he participated in a neo-Nazi demonstration outside of Disney World in Orlando—has in recent years bragged of his supposed exploits in Ukraine. Throughout 2022 his story was widely covered by Russian state media, which accepted it at face value and also claimed he had received Ukrainian citizenship. (…) McLellan says he was in Ukraine from January until 1 April 2022 and again from 4 April to 27 May. But a series of simple, open source records searches places him in Florida during his supposed second trip. A police report in the public Escambia County Court Records database, which any member of the public can access, shows that McLellan was arrested in Escambia on 1 April, 2022, the day he says he returned from Ukraine, at 9:59pm local time.

via bellingcat: US neo-Nazi says He Fought in Ukraine, Records Place Him in Florida