An Oregon woman battling breast cancer says she was dropped by her primary care doctor because of her response to the display of a transgender pride flag in the doctor’s office. Marlene Barbera, who was scheduled to have a mastectomy later this month, was informed by Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) that she was dropped from the clinic due to alleged comments she made about the office’s LGBT employees and staff, according to a GiveSendGo campaign. Barbera shared a letter she sent to the clinic with the conservative social channel Libs of TikTok in which she raised concerns about an “enormous transgenderism banner hanging like a Nazi flag behind the reception desk” at OHSU’s Richmond Family Medicine Clinic. Pointing to the threats she says she received on social media from trans activists, Barbera said she found it “daunting to go for medical treatment with that banner proclaiming that what I am, an adult human female, is a mere opt-in category for any gender non-conforming male and not a reality. “This negates women completely. And they are not asking.” In response to her complaint, Barbera shared another letter dated June 29 on her Twitter page under the handle @blah_blablather in which she was informed she was being dropped from all services at all OHSU clinics for “ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks about our [LGBT] community and staff.”

via christianpost: Breast cancer patient dropped by Oregan clinic after complaint about ‘transgenderism banner hanging like a Nazi flag’