Organizers have promoted the event on social media, inviting members of the wider national community to “celebrate the movement’s exponential growth.” Authorities in Melbourne, Australia are closely monitoring a scheduled neo-Nazi gym meet-up, sparking concerns among law enforcement and the community. According to reports in the Australian media, Australian white supremacist groups, including the European Australian Movement and National Socialist Network led by Thomas Sewell, are organizing a “WHITE POWER Lifting Meet” at Legacy Boxing Gym in Sunshine North. The Legacy Boxing Gym has come under scrutiny for alleged connections to neo-Nazi activists, making the event even more concerning for authorities. Thomas Sewell’s involvement in violent incidents, notably a previous assault on a Nine Network security guard in 2021, has added to the unease surrounding the meet-up. (…) Sewell, a prominent Australian neo-Nazi, has been associated with extremist groups and engaged in controversial public stunts. He has previously attempted to recruit the perpetrator of the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings into one of the organizations he leads. Sewell’s past actions include a conviction for affray and causing injury, stemming from a violent assault on a security guard in Melbourne.

via jpost: Melbourne on high alert over neo-Nazi gym meet-up this weekend