Kenneth Pilon’s anger at the Black Lives Matter movement is almost certain to get him some jail time. Asuspected white supremacist in Michigan has pleaded guilty to separate federal hate crime charges for threatening to kill people who showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced in a press release on Tuesday that Kenneth Pilon “pleaded guilty in federal district court to willfully intimidating and attempting to intimidate citizens from engaging in lawful speech and protests in support of Black Lives Matter.” That’s putting it mildly, as the devil is in the details. Pilon, 61 of Michigan, even went so far as to menace two Black people with a noose, a longstanding symbol of racist hatred that has its roots in slavery.

via getuperica: Suspected White Supremacist Who Used Noose To Threaten To Kill Black People Pleads Guilty To Hate Crimes