CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday re-united three of the key figures from the Watergate scandal that resulted in President Richard Nixon resigning from office in disgrace. Cooper interviewed former White House counsel John Dean alongside journalists Robert Woodward and Carl Berstein, the authors of the 1974 book All the President’s Men, which was turned into a hit 1976 movie starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Cooper asked Bernstein about the indictment of former Trump aide Peter Navarro. “Well, I think it’s a big deal in that it indicates the defiance of all of the people around Donald Trump to tell the story of what happened and especially the story of attempting to keep Joe Biden from succeeding to the presidency,” Bernstein said. “So what we have is really a seditious president of the United States trying to foment insurrection to keep his successor from taking office, staging a coup — the president of the United States,” he explained. “And what the Jan. 6th committee is doing, I think from Bob’s reporting, my reporting, is establishing a timeline that will show definitively how Donald Trump, his lawyers, and those closest to him attempted to stage this coup so there would be no real election of the president of the United States and Trump would continue to be in office.” Woodward offered his analysis. “It is a crime to subvert the lawful function of government,” he noted. (…) Bernstein said Trump is worse than Nixon. “We are in a situation that we have never been in as residents in the United States, even under Richard Nixon,” Bernstein said. “Richard Nixon got on a helicopter and agreed, because he knew he had to resign, got on the helicopter and left town. Donald Trump did something no president has ever done, he said ‘I’m going to stay here behind this desk, I am not going to admit that I lost the election, I am going to stay here and remain the president of the United States past the point where Joe Biden, the elected president of the United States, was supposed to take office.” “This is a conspiracy led by a president of the United States such as we have never seen.

via rawstory: Watergate legends Woodward and Bernstein explain why Trump is worse than Nixon