CPAC held a conference filled with election lies atop a stage resembling a Nazi Odal rune. Hyatt Hotels is facing continued backlash over hosting it. (…) On Saturday, Allison Gill, host of the “Daily Beans” podcast, first tweeted out an image (originated by her friend Hami, a graphic designer with a background in Norse iconography) showing that the CPAC stage configuration bore an uncanny resemblance to a Nazi symbol, the Odal rune. Last year, Gill was a senior Veterans Affairs official. But she was forced out of her job for expressing her right to free speech in her “Mueller, She Wrote” podcast, as Politico reported. Gill told Rantt Media her tweeting the Nazi image, noting CPAC stage similarity “has garnered a LOT of negative hits calling me a conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearing crazy person.” Social media accounts exploded with outrage over the CPAC resemblance to Nazi insignia, calling for a boycott of Hyatt hotels, with “Nazi” trending on Twitter. Prior to the stage design controversy, the Anti-Defamation League had issued a general advisory about the hate symbol: “Nazi uses of the symbol included the divisional insignia of two Waffen SS divisions during World War II. Following World War II, white supremacists in Europe, North America, and elsewhere began using the othala rune. Today, it is commonly seen in tattoo form, on flags or banners, as part of group logos, and elsewhere.” Ilsa Hogue, president of NARAL, tweeted: “The CPAC stage resembles a known SS Nazi insignia. Generously, let’s assume the design was in error. They should immediately release an apology and change up the stage. Not doing so will convey the most reprehensible intent… And by ‘resembles,’ I mean ‘is identical to.’”

via rantt: Hyatt Faces Backlash Over CPAC Stage Resembling Nazi Symbol