Patriotic Alternative claims 10,000 people are viewing it every month and says homeschooling is a “blessing for nationalists”. A neo-Nazi from Leeds is behind a far-right group promoting a home school curriculum that uses racists songs and claims all English people have white skin. Mark Collet, a 40-year-old Holocaust doubter who has tweeted claiming ‘white genocide is taking place, runs Patriotic Alternative with Laura Towler, a critic of the Black Lives Matter movement. The group claims 10,000 people a month are viewing its ‘wholesome’ syllabus, which has also been dubbed ‘hateful and poisonous’, online during lockdown, the MirrorOnline reports. It claims it helps kids “learn history and culture free from the shackles and ideology of the National Curriculum”. Parents are told to teach their children how Britain abolished slavery, glossing over its involvement in the barbaric trade for 300 years and blaming “African chiefs” for selling their people. Lessons focus on a “heroic age” when Britons were “a superior kind of people showing great feats of courage”. (…) Patriotic Alternative’s website says home schooling during lockdown is a “blessing for nationalists” – and it explains how to apply to a local council to permanently teach kids at home

via LeedsLive: Leeds neo-Nazi Mark Collet behind far-right group Patriotic Alternative pushing ‘hateful’ home schooling with racist songs