A gay man says police aren’t doing enough to keep him safe after he was violently attacked by his neighbour for reporting him for domestic abuse. Stephen Wentzell, 23, lives in Halifax, Canada. On August 31 he reported his next door neighbour for domestic abuse, but police “didn’t really do anything” and left without incident, he told Global News. It seems the man suspected Wentzell was the one who’d called the police, as he came to his door two weeks later in the middle of the night and assaulted him. “He just drunkenly stumbled up those steps, and next thing you know it was just closed fists left and right to my temples,” he said. When he realised the danger of the situation Wentzell took out his phone and started recording, documenting the horrifying scene as evidence. Call the cops you fking faggot. You do it to me again, I will fk you up,” the man says, his words accompanied by sickening thuds as he beats his neighbour. “I took more than a dozen punches to the head while being called a faggot [and] kicked in the face until his boot fell off. I’m alright but not okay,” Wentzell said on Twitter as he shared the graphic audio.

via pinknews: Gay man viciously kicked in the face and called ‘f****t’ by neighbour after reporting him to police for abusing his wife