President Trump’s Deputy Communications Director Julia Hahn had connections to the white nationalist movement around the time she joined the White House as an aide, based upon hundreds of private correspondences that were leaked to Hatewatch by a former colleague and friend. The leaked emails show Hahn is connected to Peter Brimelow, whom she refers to at one point casually by his first name. Brimelow founded the white nationalist hate group VDARE. VDARE traffics in the “white genocide” conspiracy theory, which suggests that white people are being systemically replaced in Western nations by non-white people. VDARE has published commentary by one of the principal organizers of the deadly white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and publicly defended that event on its third anniversary this August. Brimelow’s group has also published apologia regarding the ideologies espoused by far-right mass murderers in El Paso, Texas, and Christchurch, New Zealand. Additionally, the emails suggest that before Hahn joined the right-wing website Breitbart News as an editor, she attended a writer’s workshop with the white nationalist publishing house The Social Contract Press. Her story pitches to Breitbart News show influence of the type of white nationalist worldview espoused by VDARE and The Social Contract Press. For example, in one July 2016 pitch, Hahn wrote, “How many whites have been killed by blacks since Obama has been in office?” – apparently seeking to draw a parallel between the election of America’s first Black president and Black people murdering whites. Hahn also hyped the doomed congressional candidacy of Wisconsin’s Paul Nehlen in her writing for Breitbart News across at least 36 posts. Nehlen eventually used the fans he gained from his Breitbart News attention and from his failed stab at politics to become a notorious cheerleader for white supremacist terrorism, calling mass murderers such as Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof and Brenton Tarrant “saints.” Although Nehlen’s rhetoric grew increasingly hateful after losing two primary races against former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, he was already a far-right extremist at the time Hahn repeatedly promoted his candidacy. Hahn promoted Nehlen at least four times in Breitbart News after he expressed an openness to the idea of physically removing every Muslim citizen from America.
Former Breitbart News editor Katie McHugh leaked over 600 of Hahn’s private emails to Hatewatch. McHugh delivered to Hatewatch emails taken from Hahn’s personal Gmail and her Breitbart News work email. She also leaked scores of text messages and Google Chat transcripts. McHugh, who once immersed herself in the anti-immigrant movement and rubbed shoulders with open white nationalists, has since renounced far-right extremism and racism. McHugh leaked to Hatewatch over 900 previously private emails authored by White House adviser Stephen Miller in 2019. McHugh told Hatewatch that Hahn, her former friend and colleague, maintained a close relationship with Miller during Trump’s first campaign for president. Hahn pushed for favorable coverage of Miller, according to the emails. In February 2017, after Hahn had joined the White House as an aide to President Trump, the emails show she urged McHugh to write a favorable story about Miller as a way of blunting criticism of him published in The New York Times. Hahn is 29 years old and comes from considerable wealth. Her grandfather, Harold Honickman, presides over the Honickman Group, a large soda and beer bottling conglomerate. Her role in the Trump administration is typically handled behind the scenes, and she rarely appears on camera. The White House named Hahn as the replacement for former deputy communications director Adam Kennedy in March, around the time that the COVID-19 pandemic became an issue of global importance. In August, the Times depicted Hahn as being the person who sometimes gathers talking points for White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

via splcenter: Trump Official Brought Hate Connections to the White House

siehe dazu auch: Birth of a Radical (2017). White Fear in the White House: Young Bannon Disciple Julia Hahn Is a Case Study in Extremism. (…) The Breitbart reporter was Julia Hahn, a Bannon protégé who followed him into the White House as a special assistant to President Trump. (…) At a glance, Hahn is an outlier among outliers. She was raised in Beverly Hills, attended a private high school, and the only wisp of political activity in her adolescence was a decidedly liberal, pro-immigration gesture: She raised money for a group that brought foreign orphans to the United States. She majored in philosophy at the University of Chicago, and the sole public trace of her time there is a video of a panel discussion in which she discussed Michel Foucault’s idea that psychoanalysis stigmatizes human sexuality. Not long after she was appointed to the White House at the age of just 25, one of her college friends reacted by writing on Facebook, “It’s weird because she was always very nice and it’s disappointing when seemingly nice people turn out to be Nazis/Nazi-adjacent.” Another friend asked, “WTF happened???”