A man who launched a racist, anti-immigrant tirade at an Edmonton liquor store caught on video Sunday entered the store ranting about masks, according to an employee. In a video circulating on social media that has since been deleted from Facebook, an older white man not wearing a mask is seen yelling at two men wearing masks at Olympia Liquor on 137 Avenue. The man walks close to them, pointing and yelling, making xenophobic remarks about “you people” moving to Canada. “Canadians are the nicest f—— people in the world, and your belief system is not better than our f—— lives,” the man yelled. Navdeep Singh, a store supervisor, told Postmedia Monday the man started screaming the moment he walked in the door. He said there is a sign at the entrance that asks customers to wear a mask. As of last Saturday, masks are mandatory in most publicly-accessible buildings, including transit and taxis, in Edmonton.

via edmontonjournal: Racist rant caught on video at Edmonton liquor store started with complaints about mask policy