Company says items were returned to owner with advice on where to donate them. A Toronto-based Jewish organization has denounced the sale of Nazi memorabilia for profit after spotting some items for sale on the Montreal section of an auction site. “There aren’t any laws against selling Nazi memorabilia. We’ve seen it happen on many occasions,” said Avi Benlolo, the CEO of Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center For Holocaust Studies. “Our position is it is quite revolting to sell memorabilia from a genocide.” After it was contacted by the Wiesenthal Center and CBC, Encans en Ligne Montreal, the company that posted the items to, took down the ads for the Second World War-era items on Wednesday afternoon, but not before several bids had already been posted. The items included metal badges with swastikas, a statuette of a Nazi imperial Eagle and two daggers, one inscribed with “Alles Für Deutschland” — in English, “Everything for Germany.”

via cbc: ‘Quite revolting’: Nazi relics removed from Montreal auction site after Jewish group sounds alarm

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