A man who, motivated by his belief in the wide-ranging conspiracy theory known as QAnon, blocked the bridge near the Hoover Dam with a homemade armored vehicle, has pleaded guilty to making a terrorist threat. Matthew Wright, 32, who initially faced charges that could have put him in prison for the rest of his life, pleaded guilty to the terrorism charge and two other felony crimes: aggravated assault and fleeing from law enforcement. Both the terrorism and aggravated assault charges were designated non-dangerous under the plea agreement. Under state sentencing guidelines, his presumptive sentence would amount to less than a decade in prison. Wright’s sentencing was set for March 4 in the Mohave County Superior Courthouse in Kingman, according to a minute entry posted on the court’s website on Tuesday. An attorney for Wright, Michael Denea, declined to comment on the case until his client was sentenced. In June 2018, Wright blocked traffic by parking his vehicle, which held weapons and 900 rounds of ammunition, across the lanes on the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman bridge that soars 890 feet above the Colorado River and stands less than a mile from the famed dam. The Colorado River demarcates the state lines of Arizona and Nevada.

via azcentral: QAnon follower who blocked bridge near Hoover Dam pleads guilty to terrorism charge