A US court has sentenced a Bosnian man to over seven years in prison for sending gun parts overseas, including to clients involved with a Swedish neo-Nazi group. The man labeled the items as bicycle parts. A Bosnian man built a “lucrative business” in the US by selling and illegally shipping gun parts to Sweden, Russia, France and Brazil, according to a press release published by US prosecutors on Monday. A court based in the US state of Washington sentenced Hany V., a legal US resident, to over seven years in jail. The defendant said his buyers included a Swedish “neo-Nazi group.” The case against the 36-year-old started in 2017, when Swedish law enforcement seized a part of a Glock firearm from a Swedish home. While the serial number had been filed off, the manufacturer was still able to trace it to a person in the Seattle area, who claimed to have sold the weapon to Hany V.

via dw: Bosnian jailed for smuggling gun parts to neo-Nazi-linked clients in Sweden