A man attending the Wānaka Rodeo has been photographed giving the Nazi salute to a group of protesters in an act that a protest spokeswoman says shows “what kinds of people go to rodeos”. The Wānaka Sun reported that the incident occurred on January 2, when a small group staged a protest outside the event. A man, who had two children in his vehicle, allegedly stopped and screamed “I’m a Nazi, I’m a Nazi” at the protesters, while holding his arm in a Nazi salute. Katherine Gollop, president of the Queenstown Vegan Society and spokeswoman for the protest group, said the man’s acts were “very disturbing”. “He was laughing a lot and shouting random things at us. Then he lifted both hands off the wheel to put one across his face like Hitler’s moustache, then one arm up in the salute, whilst screaming ‘I’m a Nazi’ at us,” she told the Wānaka Sun. “It just goes to show what kind of people go to rodeos and enjoy these types of events.

via otago daily times: Nazi salute at Wanaka rodeo

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