A Nazi flag raised above the a Victorian home has united a small town into making a stand against hatred. Cheryl Lawdorn and her partner have been flying the flag over their property for several weeks, claiming it as their right because of her German ancestry. Earlier this week, A Current Affair learned a man in the same street where the flag was raised is an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor. Images of the flag have since become a nation-wide media story. The flag was raised above a home in Beulah. (Supplied) Today, several residents of Beulah let it be known that the red and black flag was not welcome in their community in a town rally. Brenda Naylor, a long-term resident of the small town in the state’s northwest, told 9News the flag did not represent her values. “We’re proud Australians and we don’t want to see that in any town, let along Beulah,” she said.

via 9news: Victorian town rallies against neo-Nazi neighbour after flag raised

siehe auch: Couple refuses to take down Nazi flag flying across from home of Holocaust survivor. An Australian couple has provoked severe controversy in their small community, after flying a flag emblazoned with Nazi symbols from their house – which lies just across the road from the home of an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor. Cheryl and Bill Lawdron allegedly flew the flag to celebrate Cherly’s German ancestry. They moved into the property 12 months ago and claimed that they had no complaints about the flag until recently (…) Despite the fact that there had been 400 complaints from the community, there are apparently no laws prohibiting the display of offensive insignia. However, a police officer has since removed the flag on Mr. Lawdron’s behalf, following the intervention of the local authorities.