James Healy accused of being motivated by hostility to columnist’s leftwing politics. A man who attacked Guardian columnist Owen Jones outside a London pub late at night in August had a collection of far-right memorabilia, and a photograph of himself making a Nazi salute, a court heard on Thursday. Prosecutors said that the “insignia and memorabilia” found at the home of James Healy, from Portsmouth, was relevant in determining whether the late night assault on the leftwing journalist was motivated by far-right or homophobic sentiment in a trial at Snaresbrook crown court. Healy is one of three men who have already pleaded guilty to assaulting Jones in an incident that took place at around 2am on 17 August last year outside the Lexington public house in King’s Cross. But if a judge decides that the incident was motivated by aggravating factors, Healy faces a higher sentence. (…) The collection of memorabilia and badges found after a search in late August featured symbols from far-right group Combat 18, banned terror group the Loyalist Volunteer Force, and Chelsea Football Club. Philip McGhee, prosecuting, said that on one of the badges was written “Combat 18 and white power”, with a St George’s flag in the centre, overlaid with a snarling bull dog. Another badge featured a “sun cross” – a white supremacist symbol – used by White Pride Worldwide with the “whatever it takes” motto of Combat 18 and “lead the way” used by the Loyalist Volunteer Force.

via guardian: Owen Jones attacker had collection of far-right memorabilia, court told