The surge in extremism has led to a spike in the number of right-wing fanatics being jailed in Scotland. The number of dangerous right wing extremists in Scotland flagged up to police is on the rise.Figures show the UK Gov­ern­ment’s anti-rad­i­cal­i­sa­tion strat­egy Prevent was alerted to 39 people last year, up from 23 in 2018. It fol­lows a spate of right-wing extremism leading to Scots be­ing jailed. Calls have now been made for the ­Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment to address the issue. Fiyaz Mughal, founder and di­rec­tor of counter-ex­trem­ism or­gan­i­sa­tion Faith Mat­ters, said he warned Holyrood officials five years ago that anti-Mus­lim far-right ac­tiv­ity would af­fect them.

via dailyrecord: Far-right fanatics on rise in Scotland as number of police alerts increase