Barcelona risks UEFA prohibiting Barcelona fans from being in the rival field in the Champions League semi-finals. That is the punishment that the Blaugrana face after the file opened for racist and Nazi gestures by two fans in the Parc des Princes Calendar of FC Barcelona The UEFA has decided to open a process against the FC Barcelona by fault of two fans that were detained in the Park of the Princes during the gone of the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. These two followers seems that they did nazi greetings and imitated to a monkey, by which were reprendidos. The own PSG has caused this disciplinary file of the maximum organism of the European football when putting three complaints, as it aimed this Friday at night ‘L’Instrument’. The first of the demands of the Parisian picture is by apologia of crimes of war, by the nazi greeting; the second is by racist public insult, by the imitations of monkeys, referring to some black player of the French group; and finally the last is against ‘Twitter’, now known as ‘X’, that seemingly is to be able to take out guiltier. Now, with the process already under way, the Barça risks to that the UEFA forbid that the fans of the Barça travel in semifinals to the rival field, if it is that the blaugrana finish happening and the sanction imposed was important.

via fcbn: THE PUNISHMENT THAT BARÇA IS FACED UEFA file against Barça for Nazi and racist gestures by two fans against PSG

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