George Takei and others pointed out Rowling’s ignorance when she claimed Nazis did not burn trans healthcare books. J.K. Rowling, the British author known for the beloved “Harry Potter” series is in hot water yet again for her controversial views on transgender women. But this time the author is also being accused of being a Holocaust denier by critics. On Wednesday, Rowling went on another rant about transgender people and appeared to cross the line more than usual. On the social media platform X, the author responded to post that challenged her: “The Nazis burnt books on trans healthcare and research, why are you so desperate to uphold their ideology around gender?” The author wrote, “How did you type this out and press send without thinking ‘I should maybe check my source for this, because it might’ve been a fever dream’?” The post was viewed 8 million times and was met with fury from those accusing the author of Holocaust denial by insinuating that Nazis never burned books on trans healthcare and research. Numerous people refuted her claims with information about the Jewish German doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, who was considered one of the first known advocates for transgender rights. His sex research institute was raided, with books from there burned by Nazis. (…) In a longer post, Takei educates her on Adolf Hitler’s “policies to rid the country of Lebensunwertes Leben, or ‘lives unworthy of living.’ His targets included Jews, Roma people, disabled people and communists — but also specifically homosexuals and transsexuals.” Takei highlighted Hirschfeld’s work at the Institute for Sexual Research and how the first book burnings in Germany came from texts from the institute.

via salon: “You’re engaging in Holocaust denial”: Critics slam J.K. Rowling’s latest anti-trans stance

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