White nationalist Nick Fuentes is an unabashed antisemite who has made no secret of his admiration of Adolf Hitler. As such, Fuentes’ nightly livestream broadcasts for the last few weeks have been heavily focused on the current war in Israel, which he has admitted he cares about only to the extent that he hopes it will alienate Israel from the larger global community and therefore diminish its influence. While Fuentes’ opposition to Israel seems to be largely rooted in his own vehement hatred for Jews, most “mainstream” conservative commentators have been ardent supporters of Israel, which has long been a staple of conservative ideological orthodoxy. Whereas conservative evangelical Christian commentators have vociferously defended Israel since the war began, Fuentes’ outrage is primarily directed at Jewish commentators like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, and Joel Pollak who have used their respective platforms to advocate on Israel’s behalf during the current conflict. During last night’s program, Fuentes railed against these conservative pro-Israel Jewish commentators, declaring them to be treasonous traitors who should be deported or imprisoned and accusing them of being “a parasitic force” that is committed to weakening the United States. “Ben Shapiro should be deported,” Fuentes fumed. “He should be put in jail or deported because he is a traitor.” “Same thing with Mark Levin,” he added. “I am so sick of that repugnant, odious little man. Mark Levin should be put in jail. ‘The Great One’? ‘The Constitutionalist’? Constitutionalist my ass; he’s a Zionist Jew. That’s his first allegiance. Everyone knows it. Mark Levin, he’s going to go and lecture ‘Fox and Friends’ while they sit there with their hands in their lap like good goyim, and he’s going to tell him how Israel can do whatever it wants. Well, you should go live there then, Mark. Go live there.” “But they won’t,” Fuentes continued. “They’re here because their purpose is to be double agents, to make sure that the money and the guns and everything else keeps flowing. They’re here effectively as a parasitic force. That’s what by definition they are is a parasitic force in the sense that they are an alien organism, they have attached themselves to this country to support their own country, their own entity, to the detriment of this one. So by definition, the symbiotic relationship that that is is parasitism. It’s what it is. They’re not here providing a benefit to America at all. They’re here to make sure that Americans continue to support the country they really care about. That’s why they’re here. That’s why they’re running American media, whether it’s Joel Pollak or Shapiro, Prager, Levin. That’s what they’re here for.”

via rawstory: ‘A Parasitic Force’: White Nationalist Nick Fuentes Exploits Conflict in Middle East to Promote Antisemitism

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