One video shows men and women in civilian clothing being led away by armed militants, while another shows a handcuffed woman being forced into a jeep by men shouting “Allahu Akbar”. Footage has emerged that appears to show Hamas militants taking Israeli soldiers and civilians hostage. One video purports to show a captured Israeli woman in blood-splattered clothes with her hands tied behind her back. A man is seen brandishing a gun in the air as he shouts “Allahu Akbar” – “God is greatest” – as she is bundled into the backseat of a Jeep. The clip has been geolocated to Gaza, and was posted after the militant group launched its biggest attack on Israel in years. Read more: Netanyahu defiant after Hamas attack – Israel-Gaza latest Video posted on a Telegram channel affiliated to Hamas also appears to show its fighters capturing and beating Israelis. One man can be seen trying to shield his head as he is kicked. 0:26 Play Video – Hamas appears to take hostages in video Hamas shares footage of hostages online Others were shown being dragged by armed men at a border compound used by the Israeli Ministry of Defence. Sky News has also geolocated footage from Beeri, where handcuffed men and women in civilian clothing are seen being led away. On Saturday, an Israeli military spokesperson confirmed Israeli civilians and soldiers were being held hostage by Hamas militants in Gaza. And Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas, has said “dozens” of Israeli troops are being held in “safe places” and militant tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Another top official, Saleh Arouri, told al Jazeera that the group is holding “a large number” of Israeli prisoners – enough captives to make Israel free all Palestinians in its jails. Image: Video from the village of Be’eri, where handcuffed men and women in civilian clothing are seen being led away by armed men. According to news channel N12, up to 50 Israelis have been taken hostage by Hamas gunmen in Beeri Kibbutz near the Gaza border. Israeli broadcaster Reshet 13 TV News reported militants were holding Israelis hostage in the town of Ofakim – an Israeli city near the border with Gaza. Elderly women with dementia as well as workers from Thailand and the Philippines have also been captured, local media reports suggest.

via sky: Hamas says militants have taken hostages during attack on Israel

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