Last year, a German court officially recognized the persecution of trans people by Adolf Hitler’s regime Laurie Marhoefer, The Conversation September 21, 2023 Patrons at the Eldorado, a popular LGBTQ cabaret in Berlin during the Weimar years Herbert Hoffmann / ullstein bild via Getty Images In the fall of 2022, a German court heard an unusual case. It was a civil lawsuit that grew out of a feud on Twitter about whether transgender people were victims of the Holocaust. Though there is no longer much debate about whether gay men and lesbians were persecuted by the Nazis, there’s been very little scholarship on trans people during this period. The court took expert statements from historians, including myself, before finding that the historical evidence shows that trans people were, indeed, persecuted by the Nazi regime. This is an important case. It was the first time a court recognized the persecution of trans people in Nazi Germany. It was followed a few months later by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, formally releasing a statement recognizing trans and cisgender queer people as victims of fascism.

via smithsonian mag: New Research Reveals How the Nazis Targeted Transgender People

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